Hello Gentlemen and Ladies, and welcome to my personal website!
My name is Monica Green and I am 29 yo lady, 178cm high, with a slim figure, naturally long brown hairs and gray eyes. I have a couple of tattoos and piercings, but they are hidden under my clothes. All other things in my body and face are absolutely natural and born given.
I love to travel and watch the world. And it gives me the same pleasure to stay in a 5* hotel in the heart of London or in a tent somewhere on Lofoten. I take care of my appearance but don't cry because of a broken nail. My passion is to explore nature and different cultures.
My eating habits a pretty simple: seafood. According wines, I prefer Prosecco and Pinot Grigio. My favorite spirit is London Dry Gin. But I don't drink a lot and I don't smoke tobacco.
I have degrees in Psychology and Communications. I love literature and I used to read a lot. My native language is Russian, but I speak English fluently, je parle un peu Français, capisco l'Italiano.

Music and arts
My musical tastes seem to be from the past. I listen to Jimmy Hendrix, Janice Joplin, The Doors, Pink Floyd etc. I also like some works of classical music and I love Opera. I am far from modern art, but close to the Renaissance and ancient art.

I’m a very calm and relaxed person without any prejudice. My opinion about You is made by your actions. Not by your clothes, appearance, position, religion or whatever. I can feel private borders pretty well and never interfere in someone’s life. I value my own freedom and respect yours.

I hope this information about me will help you to make your choice. Here you can also find my blog: mostly, I don't describe there how precious I am, but you can find out some of my thoughts about escort industry in general and funny cases from my 'career'.

If you're a nice and polite person, I will be happy to meet YOU wherever in the world and spend wonderful time together. As you, I have another, 'normal' life, and I don't want to be recognized. So the confidentiality of our meetings is very important for me.
Thank you for understanding and for your attention!
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