My wife is not the same

My wife is not the same
 Somebody maybe will recognize himself in this topic: don’t be suspicious. I hear something like ‘You described exactly me!’ Or ‘You told my story!’ pretty often. In some ways you are right, but please, realize, that some other man can feel the same as you do and lives in the same situation that you do. We all are different, of course, but our behavior goes by more or less the same schemes, that makes our lives very similar. So, to the topic.

 All persons who use escort services could be divided in a few main categories based on the reason why they decided to resort to the services. One of them are married men, who’s wives are ‘not the same’ anymore.  Those guys who’ve spent a lot of nice years in happy marriage, and they probably still love and respect theirs spouses, but there’s no passion in relationships anymore. At all. And when you’re a man in your 40th-50th, you really need this passion: you made a career already, you earn enough, you know who you’re, what you want, you have enough time to think about yourself and your own needs now and you realize that somewhere nearby could be a crisis (that popular middle age crises that everyone is talking about), and you are not sure how many happy years of  good potency there’s left. So you need some support and passion from your wife. You need sex. Now and here.

But what’s going on with her? It seems that she doesn’t care anymore about you at all. She don’t put on makeup or high heels if you’re not waiting for guests, she doesn’t intrigue you with some sexy lingerie anymore and don’t tease you with any dirty jokes or hints. She doesn’t play with you and doesn’t loose ‘accidentally’ her towel after the shower.  You don’t feel that she has any interest in you anymore, any passion or desire to sex itself. But you need this feelings. 

 The situation is very common, and in spite the fact I’m a woman, I’m sure it’s 80% of our guilt. Let’s analyze step by step, why does it happen. First of all, after official marriage it’s triggers in our heads: “The victim is caught, you can relax now.” Yep, it is so! And especially here, in Norway (recently I found out that to divorce here can takes more then 18 months, OMG! In Russia it would take a 1000 nok and a week). Then another trigger - after child’s been born:  like biological program has been completed, progeny is produced.  And those men who doesn’t have children yet, please, remember: when you get a baby, you are forever number two now. (That is, by the way, could be totally different for men, because women are very sensual, but you’re much more logical creatures. I remember a situation when I was rafting with one couple, and storm started. The wife was very scared, and she raised a question to her husband: “If me and our child were sinking, and you had a choice to save only one, whom would you save?” Oh, I loved his answer:) He told: “Dear, of course, you. Than we’ll be able to produce another one.” That’s very logical. Unfortunately, women usually not able to stay logical.) Then the level of our ‘sexual’ hormones goes down, especially after menopause. And don’t forget about this propaganda of feminism and women emancipation, that has some influence as well: we are not fat or hairy anymore, we are ‘body positive’.

 Of course some women are sexy till the end, just naturally, even if they do nothing with their appearance and wear a blanket, but it’s rarely. We are talking about usual case.  So, as a result, you have a problem: unsexual wife and a husband who needs sex. How to solve the problem? First, you should talk. You should explain to your woman about your needs and ask her to ‘help’ you. If it wouldn’t help, then manipulate. Make her start worrying that she can loose you: stay ‘at work’ till late, look with interest at other women etc.(but don’t give the real reason, of course). Very often we start to act when we feel that we can loose something even if we don’t really need it - it’s a simple psychology. And if these wouldn’t help, then just get what you want. From others. 

Please, if you were in such situation tell about your own experience in comments under the post. Because this topic is very interesting for me and for other guys as well, I’m sure. How was it, what did you do to solve the problem? 

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