Who can protect an escort?

Who can protect an escort?

A few days ago a client asked me if I am independent or work with agency. When I answered that I never (at least anymore) work with pimps, he was very surprised. (He came from England and it’s a normal situation there yet that girl works with agency. I don’t like it, but I can understand (and will tell you in some other post) why do some girls go for it.) So he asked me: “But isn’t it dangerous? What if somebody will try to robe you? Or if some psychopath will come? Aren’t you afraid when nobody stays behind your back?


Hah. A sad fact that a lot of young girls think the same. That agency will protect them: from robbers, rapists, killers, police, ghosts or whom ever. That’s a big mistake. A few years ago in some corrupted countries it was possible: pimps paid to the police, paid to mafia so they wouldn’t touch theirs girls. (I know this stories from the inside as from guys who worked in police, as from guys who were on the other side of law: some of them became my very good regulars :)) But times are changing. Nowadays it’s totally different. Especially in Norway.  It’s not that they just can’t protect you from bad guys, now you’re in much more troubles if you’re working with agency. 


First, imagine a situation that a robber or a sex offender comes to your apartment. Some agency says: “It’s impossible! We screen each number and don’t take clients from blacklist. We have a big list of checked contacts.” Bullshit. You know, how do they create this “white lists”? Testing each new client on girls like you. “Screening” that they do you can easily make by yourself. And ‘A big list of good contacts’ is a fairytale. People are changing numbers, give theirs SIM cards to others, even changing theirs behavior: if the guy was polite with other girl, he still can be rude to you. Agency can’t protect you in this way. Theirs main interest is to make money on you. They don’t risk as you do, so theirs intuition simply can’t works as your own. When you’re risking with YOUR life, you have such a keen ear, that able to discerns the smallest key.


Second, when the bad guy is finally came, how will your pimp protect you? Will he be able to teleport from his secret safe place where he hides his ass from the police (because he knows that what he/she does is VERY illegal here)? I had some experience with violence in  usual life: believe me, everything happens so fucking fast, that you can’t reach your phone or even scream sometimes.  Or you think the rapist will tell you: “Ok, naughty girl, now I’m going to take off my pants and you can call your pimp”? The only person who can protect you in such situation - is you, yourself. (I will try to make some blogpost about self-defense for escorts, there are some special tricks)


 I’ve heard also a lot of stories from poor girls who were robbed or rapped while working with agencies, and you know, what did the ‘employers’ told them? “Please, don’t call police!” or “Please, tell the police that you worked as independent!” So it goes to the Third: working with an agency is involving yourself in human trafficking. And police here is interested to prevent it. Very interested.


One important thing, that each girl should understand: even if she is a good worker and brings her pimp a lot of money, no one is irreplaceable. Girls, it’s your lives, your health, and the only person who really cares is you yourself. Ok, maybe your mom else and a couple of friends too. But not your “agent”. Stay safe and good luck!


P.S. Some of you have already seen my short video “Who can protect an escort”. The sound there is not very good, but I’m just trying myself in video-blogging, so in the beginning I’ll make a lot of mistakes, for sure, and it’s normal, I’ll fix it.  I like this format: to talk is much easier and faster, then to write. There is only one problem: it’s much more difficult to edit if you said smth wrong, or have forgotten to mention something important. Please, write in comments what do you like more: to read or to watch? Thank you!

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